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Cecilia Carlstedt:

Christina Koutsospyrou:

Kelly Smith:

Marguerite Sauvage:

Alexander Reichert and Fausto Fantinuoli (for Prada):


New booties & Wishlist

As I told you this post is a little bit different... because I needed to show you my new booties from Zara that I bought in the summer sales. Isn't it crazy?

I love them so much that I can't wait anymore for the cold weather!


My birthday is the next monday and I wanted to share with you my wishlist ^.^

Too many bags, I know but they are my obsession... and too many things from Blanco, but this colletion is too beautiful!



Hi! I'm back in Madrid... well, actually I was back since sunday but I fell very sick so I couldn't post till now that I feel so much better :-)

Next post will be a little bit different than usual ;-P
Stay tuned!
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